Our Studio is set in the beautiful gardens of the Caversham Press. Being out in the country we have an abundance of bird life - the bold and raucous shrikes specializing in air traffic control, shy and gentle doves drinking at the bird bath, crooning rock pigeons strutting on the roof and the beautiful golden oriel telling of the rain. Some are bold and colourful; others are so well camouflaged that it’s only their call that tells you they’re there. Amongst our absolute favourites are the  Woodhoopoes with their bright red beaks and legs and dark glossy plumage. As they flutter in happy groups from tree to tree they start off with a low murmur that builds to a load cackle. They are known by the Zulu people as u-Hlekabafazi , the laughing women, and since plenty of laughing goes on amongst the women in this studio with Sally, especially, being known for her laughter, it seemed like just the right one for us to use as our logo for our beautiful textiles.