Robert Hodgins was born in Dulwich, England in 1920. In 1954 he became a Lecturer at the School of Art at the Pretoria Technical College, where he remained until 1962. He later lectured at the University of the Witwatersrand Fine Art Department until he retired to take up painting full-time.

Rob was the first artist to work at The Caversham Press and despite reservations became one the regulars and part of the family. Rob always came armed with many ideas and books to read but was never allowed to return home after a stay at Caversham without having made his famous Chocolate Mousse! 

We wish Rob was still with us today to join in the fun of printing beautiful textiles!

Despite his passing in 2010, Robert remains to be internationally celebrated as one of South Africa’s most extraordinary and compelling artists and consistently receives enormous critical recognition and widespread popular appreciation.

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